three long-term benefits of exercise you'll see when you're older

We all know that exercise has a lot of short-term benefits. It can improve your mood, change your body, and make you feel better about yourself. Following a regular exercise programme will also provide some substantial long-term health benefits. Some of these you should be aware of: a decreased likelihood of developing cardiovascular diseases, a potentially extended lifespan, and so on. 

And yet, there are a few long-term benefits that you might not be aware of. Check out these three long-term benefits of exercise you will see when you’re older.


long-term benefits of exercise
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When you exercise regularly, you put your bones under an increased load. Placing your bones under pressure of any kind might sound bad – this is a myth! Over time, your bones adapt and become thicker and more vital. In turn, this reduces the chances of developing many common bone conditions in your old age. A lot of older adults suffer from things like arthritis and osteoporosis, which stems from bone weakness. Strengthening your bones – and the muscles around your bones – will make you healthier and less prone to these sorts of health problems. 


long-term benefits of exercise
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Similarly, as you get older, you tend to lose your balance. Loss of balance is why many older adults can fall over and permanently injure themselves. It comes from a lack of muscle strength, meaning you can’t keep yourself upright. Regularly exercise will train your muscles, while also encouraging you to have better balance. Especially if you choose exercises that demand you work on your balance – like lunges. Over time, you develop an incredible sense of balance and hand-eye coordination. Both of these things will serve you well as you get older in life!


long-term benefits of exercise
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As an adult, you’re faced with decisions that are very hard to make. One of the toughest ones is wondering what to do with your parent(s). They may have reached a stage where they can no longer look after themselves and need constant help. Thus, you face the problem of putting them in a care home or finding someone to provide live-in care services for them. Either way, it’s not an easy decision to make. You can avoid putting your children through this decision by exercising regularly. Look at the previous long-term benefits of exercise and think about how they change your life. You suddenly can look after yourself. You’re strong enough to walk around on your own, you can lift things – and you’re benefiting from all the other health effects of exercise. So, you live more independently, without the need for constant assistance. When you’re old and grey, your kids won’t have to worry about finding care services for you as you can look after yourself!

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When most of us think about exercising, we focus on short-term gains. However, it’s the long-term benefits that are the right reasons to start exercising. What are you waiting for? Follow an exercise programme today to see a healthier version of yourself tomorrow.

What are you doing today to improve your health in the future?

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