five must have items to add to your fitness wardrobe

We’re now into the spring and summer season, and it’s time to think about your workout wardrobe. You probably wear sweatshirts and sweatpants through the winter, things that give you flexibility and a little warmth; these work less well in summer. This Time of year, it’s better to turn to leggings and lighter tops. These will give you a good range of motion without overheating. Having a workout wardrobe is recommended so you can easily pick an outfit at the last minute with confidence. Check out these five must-have items to add to your workout wardrobe!


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Every girl needs a sports bra in their workout wardrobe. It doesn’t matter if you’re running or doing yoga poses; your chest can get in the way and can sometimes hurt. A sports bra solves the issue. 

When you work out, train or play a sport, you want all your concentration on the activity. You don’t want to think about your chest or get distracted by it. A sports bra keeps everything in place and out of your mind. 


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Your workout wardrobe shouldn’t be without a pair of squat proof leggings. It would help if you had leggings for effective workouts; they’re skin tight and discrete. Squat proof ones give you that extra bit of confidence on the yoga mat or in the gym. 

You can buy a pair of high-quality squat proof leggings from; they are made from a soft stretchable material that fit neatly on your legs and offers you a full range of movement without any fear of rips or tears. 


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This summer, you want to buy some footwear that’s both functional and ethical. There’s no longer any excuse to harm animals or the environment for the sake of high-performance equipment; enough brands now cater to us and make it easy to buy ethical, cruelty-free products. 

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The woman’s tree runners from Allbird are made from tree fibres instead of animal leather. They are light, breathable, and excellent for running or yoga. These sneakers feel more like socks than shoes. 


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Backless tops are a must-have in any summer workout wardrobe. They have so many advantages. A backless top is light and loose; you can wear it for almost any workout routine. They keep you cool and let you soak up the sun’s rays. 

Additionally, backless tops are very trendy. Wearing one of these you will look and feel comfortable and confident. They also make you sweat less which can contribute to your performance during workouts and during sporting activities. Put a few of these in your wardrobe.  


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Most girls go for tight yoga pants. Tight pants are the ones you see the most, and they also offer excellent performance value. Tight pants give you flexibility, comfort and confidence. But there is another option. 

If you want to feel a breeze during your workout, stay cool but still have that same range of motion, then add some loose yoga pants or harem pants to your summer workout wardrobe. They give you an added option and some variety. 

What must-have items do you have in your workout wardrobe?

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