safe during the pandemic

Millions of Americans – and indeed, people worldwide – have been ordered by their employers to work from home as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. But what if your boss claims that you must keep coming to your workplace, especially if you are dealing with autoimmune deficiency, undergoing medical treatment, or recovering from illness, or are vulnerable in any way? Is there anything you can do and what should your employer be doing to ensure that you are safe at work?

Here, we look at some of the things that your boss should and could be doing to keep you safe at work during the pandemic.


safe at work during the pandemic
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This is an ideal solution. Obviously, this is not possible in all workplaces or all jobs, but if there is a way that you can work remotely, even for some of the time, your boss must allow you to. Not only does this stop you from mixing with other people in the workplace, but it also reduces the number of people using the subway, buses, trains, and other forms of public transport – all places where the virus can spread easily.


safe at work during the pandemic
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Again, social distancing protocols are not possible in every situation. Still, offices should make every effort to help employees stay at least two meters (six feet) away from anyone who is not in your immediate household. If it is not possible, other precautions should be taken, such as the mandatory wearing of masks, screens, and barriers, and working side by side rather than facing one another.


safe at work during the pandemic
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Your workplace should be kept clean and sanitary even in normal times, but it is even more critical during the coronavirus pandemic. Any and all waste should be removed immediately; as well as the materials used to clean them should be disposed of or disinfected straight away. If there is an outbreak of COVID in the workplace, a deep clean should be undertaken as soon as possible before anyone else goes into the environment. Rather than put your regular cleaning team at risk, use a biohazard cleaning service to make your workplace safe and hygienic for people to return to.

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We would hope that even before the pandemic, people knew how to practice good personal hygiene, and even more so after more than a year of being in this situation. However, it is still apparent that this is not the case, but your boss should be on top of this in the workplace and reminding staff constantly. When anyone coughs and sneezes, it should be into a tissue covering the nose and mouth, and if that is not possible, into the crook of the elbow. The tissue should be disposed of straight away, and hands washed thoroughly, for at least twenty seconds using soap and water.

These measures will not guarantee anything, but it reduces your chances of catching or passing on the virus if you have to be in the workplace.

How are you keeping safe during the pandemic?

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