What I learned When I  Quit Crash Dieting

What I learned When I Quit Crash Dieting

Crash dieting used to feel like my full-time job. Every time I tried to give notice, the insecurity over not trusting myself enough around food stopped me. It felt familiar.  Crash dieting was second nature. And so was my self-doubt and dissatisfaction with my body. I tried every crash diet, pill, potion, cleanse whathaveyou over the nearly two decades of my toxic relationship with food and my body. So, I tried something radical (for me):  I simply quit crash dieting. What do I consider ‘crash dieting’? Anything extreme – as in the polar opposite of whatever way a person may have been eating – and with strict parameters (i.e. cayenne pepper, maple syrup, and lemon ‘cleanses’; celebrity juice diets, ‘detox’ pills/shakes, etc.). I’ve worked with clients who would rage over not losing weight fast enough when they lived on celery juice Monday through Friday — and then drank bottomless glasses of merlot and the brunch buffet all weekend long. There is no need to do all of that black and white restrictive crap, and it is the one way I would say you will likely not keep the weight off if you continue your relationship with food in this way.… View Post