Tarot Tuesday, March 10-17, 2020

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Very superstitious? Grab your coat and hat. I love Stevie Wonder and all, but most of my life, I have been superstitious. Not stepping on cracks, trying not to break a mirror, and always avoiding black cats — like to the point that I got nervous when I found out that my In-Laws had two of them! This week we have a gasp Friday the 13th as well as the luck of St. Patrick’s Day! So, let’s pull this week’s Tarot Tuesday for March 10-17, 2020!


Tarot Tuesday March 10-17, 2020

The Three of Wands represents freedom, growth, and expansion. This card also represents a strong sense of self-confidence and resisting an attachment to limiting beliefs. 

During the next week we are encountering the following four Void-of-Course Moons as the moon shifts:

  • March 10th: Virgo to Libra (4:32 am – 6:03 am)
  • March 12th: Libra to Scorpio (4:12 am – 5:28 am)
  • March 14th: Scorpio to Sagittarius (6:06 am – 7:09 am)
  • March 16th: Sagittarius to Capricorn (5:34 am – 12:25 pm)
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As well, the moon is waning in the week ahead, and Mercury is effectively no longer in retrograde. Has your energy been feeling off the last few weeks? If it has, it is likely due to retrograde energy — now in post-shadow phase — which is in perfect alignment with the Three of Wands card draw, as this card represents the closure of old emotional patterns and starting newer, more positive ones.

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Tarot Tuesday March
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The Three of Wands card is a sign of contentment in or out of a relationship. If you’re in a relationship, this card represents growth, positive development, and strong bonds – regardless of any ‘obstacles’ that may come. It is not uncommon for a long-distance relationship to be associated with the Three of Wands. If you’re single, this card is related to enjoying the solo life and even enjoying a weekend hookup or brief romance. Either way, it is a time to embrace self-efficacy with – or without – a partner.


Tarot Tuesday March
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In terms of work and money, the Three of Wands card is symbolic of new job opportunities, investments, and opportunities to make a financial purchase without issue, perhaps a romantic getaway or a solo trip? Always use your best judgment, but this could be a time of manifesting abundance with ease.


If you’ve been feeling under the weather or dealing with health issues, the Three of Wands card can be a sign of recovery and rehabilitation. This week is a great time to focus on a balanced lifestyle of eating well, getting plenty of rest, and physical activity. 


Tarot Tuesday March
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The Three of Wands card represents contentment with spiritual growth and practice. Whatever you’re doing is likely working for you and if you are not feeling spiritual expansion at the moment, try a new meditation practice or self-care ritual.

So, despite any superstitious leanings the days of the upcoming week has, the planets are literally aligning and the Three of Wands energy has got our backs in all areas! Enjoy the week of possibilities ahead!

Are you superstitious?

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