Tarot Tuesday #1

Tarot Tuesday #1

February 25-March 2

So, I love tarot. I love to read tarot. I love reading other people’s tarot.

You get it.

I thought it would be fun to do a weekly tarot card reading on Tuesdays which I am calling, Tarot Tuesday (maybe more creativity is in the cards?)!

Each Tuesday, I will pull a card while asking for the direction and energy for the upcoming week to see what’s in store and guide us to make the best decisions for our ascended path.


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In a word, the Two of Swords card is about being in the middle. It is about feeling blocked or immobile in one or more critical areas of life. Of course, this is a very simplistic summary of what this Minor Arcana card represents, but the card is symbolic of feeling conflicted.

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It is interesting to pull this card when we have just entered a New Moon in Pisces, which embodies the energy of fish (positive) and is synonymous with taking a chance on a new adventure and harnessing positive energy to make productive and fruitful changes. This energy is particularly relevant to people under the signs of Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Virgo under the current phase of the moon.


If you’re in a relationship, this card could mean that a challenge in communication is present or that a decision about the future for you as a couple is in limbo. As the energy is present to make positive changes, be sure to take the time to process feelings and emotions to enable your ability to make a wholehearted decision. With Venus in Aries this month, there is an energy present (bold and to-the-point Aries energy) that could enable you to stop dwelling on the past and create the changes in your love life that you want to receive back. Remember, everything we put out we get back. It’s the law of the universe. If you’re single, you may be feeling the push and pull of holding yourself back and throwing yourself into a new relationship. With the energy we are working with this week, go for it and swipe right if you’re feeling it! Be cautious of new potential partners the February 28th, however, as Venus square Pluto is active.


Do you feel conflicted at work? Arguing with a co-worker? Not feeling like the work you are doing is meaningful? The Two of Swords card in the areas of career and money can represent our unwillingness to see what is true in a situation. This could be that inner conflicts are clouding the way we see things. As Mars is in Capricorn throughout this month, which can guide us to consider the consequences any decisions made regarding money and work. A leap of faith is still supported in this energy, but should still be a decision that is not taken lightly.

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Have you tried energy healing? This week our chakras and energy body are going to be screaming for some TLC. The Two of Swords represent blocked emotions (as related to indecision and fear), so it is essential to give the heart chakra some extra attention. (I love this heart chakra clearing track!) Likewise, if your physical body is feeling run down, take the time to heal your body with rest, relaxation, and proper nutrition. Spiritually, it is important to find balance in the energy practice we adopt. With the combined energies of Aries and Capricorn, this week is a great time to try a new meditation or class and see how you like it before you commit to anything that doesn’t serve your higher self.

So, that’s it for Tarot Tuesday! Are you a fan of Tarot readings? If you’re interested in receiving a reading, send me an email!

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