Why You Shouldn’t Try


Am I saying you shouldn’t bother?


Why shouldn’t you try to do that thing that you say you want to do?

Well, let me ask you first, do you really, honestly want it?

If the answer is a resounding yes, please do not TRY to do it.

There was once this little guy in this big film franchise who said, “Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.”

And to quote Elizabeth Gilbert, “When a man who looks like Yoda hands you a prophecy, you have to respond.”

In this case, I am directly quoting Yoda, so, naturally, you should listen.

Why you shouldn't try
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In my experience, when a person says, “I’m gonna try” or “I will try to finish” it means that they will make a lacklustre attempt at something, without having the full intention of completing the task.

I have seen it with personal training clients, nutrition clients, and I have said it myself. Over and over. So, I know that when I want to do something I settle down and DO it.

Why you shouldn’t try

When I try, 90% of the time, I quit.

When I buckle down and put 150% of my effort and intentions into doing what I want, I succeed.

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Are you all in when you try?

Most of the time, no, you’re not. You’re thinking in conditional, black and white terms, and it communicates that you don’t have complete faith in your ability to succeed.

You’re all in when you are doing — regardless of whether you win or lose.

When you decide to try, you have already decided it’s no big deal whether you do the thing or not.

It’s easier to say you’re going to try than to set the intention of doing the thing.

It’s easier to create a plan to try and accomplish something than it is to commit to saying “I’m going to DO x, y or z.”

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If you want to succeed, you will do whatever it takes.

Whether you make it happen or not, at least you tried.

Then — and only then — can you say, “I tried my best”– which is within the implication of doing what you set out to do and getting a different outcome than you expected.

But even then, you still did the thing.

Doing is a choice.

Never starting is a choice.

Trying is the byproduct of doing and achieving the unknown outcome.

What do you want to do today?


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